South Metro Animal Emergency Care

South Metro Animal Emergency Care

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14690 Pennock Avenue, Apple Valley MN 55124, (952) 953-3737



South Metro Animal Emergency Care (SMAEC) provides after-hours emergency care on weeknights, weekends, and all major holidays.  At least one veterinarian and several veterinary technicians are on-site during all open hours providing complete diagnostic and therapeutic services via our:

Staff prepares a dog for x-rays.
3 exam rooms
Private visitation room
Central triage and treatment areas
In-house laboratory
Radiology room
Intensive Care Unit
Surgical suite equipped to handle everything from simple
laceration repairs to bloat, foreign body removals,
and c-section deliveries
Isolation unit for contagious conditions

Our diagnostic tools include:

In-house CBC
Blood chemistry analysis
Electrolyte analysis
Coagulation status analysis
ECG analysis and monitoring
Blood pressure monitoring

Our therapeutic methods include:

Oxygen therapy - SMAEC is equipped with two Snyder Oxygen Units which accommodate pets up to 150 pounds.
Plasma transfusions
Whole blood transfusions
Intravenous fluid delivery and monitoring
Chest tube placement
Surgical procedures

South Metro Animal Emergency Care also provides after-hours hospitalization and observation for clinics that do not have staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In these situations, patients are transferred to SMAEC at the end of the day and returned to their primary veterinarian in the morning.  If significant changes occur in status or treatment needs, SMAEC will notify the client and, if requested, the referring veterinarian.


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