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COVID-19 Updates

Please be aware that our wait times can be quite long and phone lines may be busy due to new protocols that are in accordance with CDC guidelines.  We appreciate your patience.

If your pet is able to walk we ask after you are told a Technician is on their way out to meet them by the door left of the front door. If you pet is not mobile please call ahead and park in the spot nearest to the door left of the front door. 

If your pet has ingested something possibly toxic please call Pet Poison Helpline at 1 (800) 213-6680. There is a one time charge of $65.00. This includes a consultation with one of their toxicologists and all follow-up consultations.

For pets with life-threatening emergencies (hit by car, actively bleeding from wounds, on-going seizures, respiratory distress, extremely lethargic puppies and kittens under 5 months old, possible toxin ingestion):

1) Please call 952-953-3737 to let us know you are on your way to our hospital and let our staff know if you need assistance getting the animal from your vehicle.

2) When you arrive at the hospital, call immediately or ring the doorbell at the front door.  Our staff will come outside to meet you and assist you if needed with paperwork.

3) Please stay in our parking lot while we assess your pet with your phone on.  

4) If you are directed inside our building, please stay within the exam room. Our lobby and restrooms are closed to the public due to CDC guidelines. 

For pets who are conscious, not actively bleeding, and not facing life-threatening symptoms:

1) When you arrive at SMAEC, please enter the vestibule where there are clipboards with paperwork to complete.  There are two sheets everyone will need to complete. One is the registration form, and the other is to sign the standard consent form agreeing to $144.00 for the exam, release of records consent, and use of media.

2) Please leave this paperwork in the vestibule once completed and call 952-953-3737 to let one of our staff know that your pet needs to be seen and that the initial paperwork is completed.

3) Please wait in your vehicle with your cell phone on and wait for our staff to contact you.  We will give you further instructions at that time.

We are still doing in-clinic euthanasia but for your safety here are some businesses that provide in home euthanasia.

1) MN Pets, 612-354-8500, http://www.mnpets.com/

2) Pet Cremation Services of MN, 952-925-1234, http://petcremationmn.com/

3) Healing Hands Mobile Veterinarian, 952-999-2278, http://healinghandsmobilevet.com/

4) Minneapolis Home Pet Euthanasia, 877-533-4817, http://www.petlossathome.com/

5) Lap of Love, 612-314-3003, http://www.lapoflove.com/

Clients entering the clinic for end-of-life care should be aware of the following:

  • Face coverings are required to enter our building and any time staff is present. Please bring this with you – the clinic will not have masks available.  
  • At this time, only two family members will be allowed to enter the building to remain with the patient for euthanasia.
  • Note: additional family may not visit in shifts; other family will not be admitted, even if the original two family members leave the clinic.
  • Once you have arrived to your room, please remain in the room until you are ready to depart the clinic. Restrooms and refreshments are closed to the public at this time with no exceptions.
  • Time spent in our clinic should be limited to 30 minutes or less.