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Our History

Since July 1st, 1988 South Metro Animal Emergency Care (SMAEC) has provided weeknight, weekend and holiday emergency care for the pet dogs and cats of clients in communities from the South Metro area of the Twin Cities.

The Emergency Clinic was started by 24 Veterinarians from 18 Veterinary Practices in the South Metro area. Today there are 31 Shareholders of SMAEC whose 28 Veterinary Practices along with over 50 nonShareholder Veterinary Practices refer over 4300 cases each year to SMAEC. It is managed by a Board of Directors made up of 5 elected Shareholders and a Practice Manager.

SMAEC started in a small facility in Burnsville with a small number of staff, then moved to Apple Valley in 1993. With continued growth we built our own building at 14690 Pennock Ave in Apple Valley and occupied it March 1998.

Our Veterinarians and Technician staff regularly attend Continuing Education to stay current on new developments in emergency medicine and surgery. We provide the staff with state of the art equipment like digital radiography, ultrasound, blood pressure monitors, surgical & anesthesia monitors, oxygen cages, warming blankets, new chemistry and blood analyzing machines to name a few, so they can provide the highest quality care possible for your pet. We have extremely dedicated staff some who have been here 10 to 15 years and longer. Their knowledge, wisdom and experience is a further benefit to the clients and their pets in terms of the service and care they receive.

In May of 2003, SMAEC established The Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank (TCABB). TCABB recruits client owned dogs and cats for blood donors. Blood products collected are used by SMAEC and local and regional veterinary practices to save lives of pets. A dedicated staff of technicians coordinates the donors schedule, the collection, processing and storage of blood and blood products. They carry a cell phone 24 hours a day to respond to requests for blood products and to answer questions about transfusions from veterinarians.

The future history of SMAEC holds many possibilities as we continue to strive to meet our mission of providing high quality veterinary care and service for all pets and their owners who walk through our doors.