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Blood Bank

Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank (TCABB)

May 10, 2017

On behalf of the Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank, it is with great sorrow that we inform you that the TCABB program has been discontinued. The Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank has operated since 2003 with the generous support of South Metro Animal Emergency Care and the Twin Cities veterinary community. The financial support needed to keep TCABB operational at the level of service and high standard of care it required is no longer able to be met.

It has been our pleasure to serve the veterinary community, both locally and nationally by supplying a variety of animal blood products, transfusion education tools, and patient consultations. This has been a passion for our TCABB team for many years and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know many of you personally and assist you with offering the best care for your patients.

Our program wouldn’t have existed without the dedication of our volunteer blood donors and families. Hundreds of volunteer canines and felines have passed through our donor program since 2003, and their commitment to serving a greater good helped us to be able to provide you with the lifesaving gift of blood. For that we are forever grateful.

Team TCABB would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to South Metro Animal Emergency Care for being a wonderful support over the years, the local veterinary community for helping to spread the word about “Paws Saving Paws,” and the Twin Cities metro community at large. It was a joy to speak and educate at many of your functions, be part of your fundraising efforts and share a common goal of providing the best care for our companion family members.

Although the end of the Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank has brought much sadness, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the many years we have been privileged to provide a service for animals in need. It has been a true labor of love and a piece of our lives that we will miss daily.

Thank you again for the years of support, it truly has been an honor!


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