Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank (TCABB)

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Paws Saving Paws

The Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank, in conjunction with South Metro Animal Emergency Care, provides desperately needed canine and feline blood products to veterinarians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Veterinarians across the country see thousands of sick and injured animals a year. Some of these animals require a blood transfusion to come through their illness or injury; However, the blood that is needed for transfusions is limited. Your pet, by becoming a blood donor can help close the gap between the demand for the life saving blood and the Supply available. Join the donor program and save a life!

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Our Story


Critically ill dogs and cats need your help! In January 2003, a 2 year-old Australian Shepherd named Lacey was rushed to South Metro Animal Emergency Care in need of an emergency blood transfusion. The veterinarian on duty, Dr. Eric Hawksford, volunteered his own 3 year-old labrador retriever, Hawk, to donate the blood that saved Lacey’s life. Four days later, Lacey went home and made a complete recovery. The Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank initially drew donations from cats and dogs at local animal shelters. However, with new animals arriving daily and others continuously being adopted out, this was not a reliable long-term source for donations. After meeting Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank’s staff and learning about the program at a fundraiser for the Minnesota Valley Humane Society, Asa, a 5 year-old Collie, became TCABB’s first official canine blood donor. Asa, along with 30 other canine donors and approximately 20 feline donors, has helped TCABB build a ready supply of blood and blood products for area veterinarians. Advances in transfusion medicine, the growth of specialty veterinary practices, and increased client awareness and acceptance have resulted in a high demand for animal blood products. Before the Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank, area veterinarians depended on three national animal blood banks. However, when SMAEC was placed on a 12-14 week waiting list for a small unit of plasma, we knew that a local solution was desperately needed. After two years of research and purchasing the necessary equipment, TCABB was formed.


We’re looking for a few good pets! If you’d like more information about the Twin Cities Animal Blood Bank, or wish to schedule an initial screening, please call (612) 750-1252 or e-mail us at [email protected] . We can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Dr. Kelly Hall, DVM, MS, DACVECC – Blood Bank Veterinarian
  • Wendi Gifford, CVT – Blood Bank Coordinator
  • Jen Glock, CVT – Blood Bank Coordinator